A competition for the best H-Anim Music 3D Character Animation

This annual competition is dedicated to showing how H-Anim and X3D Graphics standards can be used for creating animated music videos. The competition is organized by the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and Web3D Consortium. For competitors, attendance at the conference is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

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Submission Deadline: April 2, 2018
Please send your submission to:

Contest Judging Criteria

Each submission is judged on the following criteria: originality, creativity of 3D character animation, creativity of the virtual stage, use of H-Anim ISO/IEC 19774 specification (LOA1, LOA2, LOA3, LOA4) for character models, and use of the X3D graphics capabilities.

Winners will be announced at the conference. Winners do not need to be in attendance to receive their prize, and will be contacted by Web3D organizers.

Prizes will be provided to winners in the form of cash or merchandise valued at approximately $1000 US (tax included).

Each composition submission must include:

  1. An X3D virtual stage (x3d file required, media files optional)
  2. An H-Anim character (H-Anim x3d files required)
  3. Music must have a royalty-free license (mp3 or avi file required with proof of royalty-free license status)
  4. A 90-120 second video file, along with the associated X3D files and media files
  5. A completed contest entry form summarizing your submission, including title, author, a simple summary including background about the character(s) (maximum three lines), and 2-3 representative screenshots.

Getting started: H-Anim Music 3D Animation Videos YouTube Playlist.

X3D Graphics files:

  1. X3D Examples Archives
  2. H-Anim Basic Examples
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